Dubai Dragon Mall store inaugurated by Sunny Leone

sunny leone in dubaiSunny Leone posted an Instagram post shortly before, in which she revealed that she is going to Dubai and will be launching her brand in Dragon Mart Mall as well as inaugurating a store.

Sunny Leone has launched a lot of her brands shortly before, in which cosmetic products and ladies hand purse wallets and many other products have been launched, Sunny Leone often keeps posting about her business on Instagram, now she is going to Dubai To launch her brand and also inaugurate a store, she told via Instagram post that she is going to Dubai where she will Inaugurate a store and then launch their brand as well.

Let me tell you that almost 25 millions followers have been completed on Sunny Leone’s Instagram, for which she is thanking her fans very much that her fans supported her to form a big family in a very short time. She has posted more than 3000 posts on Instagram and has also uploaded many videos and she has made nearly 25 million followers, some Bollywood actor don’t have these much followers on Instagram.

Sunny has become a big star in Bollywood ever since she stepped in. She has gained rapid progress after coming to Bollywood and her whole life has changed, she has touched new heights and in a very short time. So much fan following has been made.

Sunny is now handling her business as well as acting, which she started some time ago, her business is also doing very well, she has launched her brand in many places and her brand is available in many stores. Which people can buy easily.

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