Sunny leone Daughter got gift from mother

Sunny leone Daughter nisha had got special gift from her mother. Sunny leone Daughter nisha surprised with her mother in which her mother work hard.

sunny leone husbandBollywood suparstar Sunny Leone designed a crystal beaded piece of art for her daughter Nisha. The sunny leone showed the glimpses of the crystal beaded painting which take 7 months to complete to complete this painting on her Instagram.

sunny leone husbandsunny started off with the piece in October. she work hard on this painting. Sunny leone took to Twitter to display her masterpiece sunny write on her Twitter Remember this from last Oct 7 months ago I started this big project. Thousands of crystals laid down by my hand for my daughter Nisha. Finally finished at 1 am last night. Longest time ever taken me for one piece of art.


Sunny leone Daughter Nisha with each stone I laid down I thought of you and how much I love my daughter. Sunny Leone working hard on her new upcoming movie veeramadevi which will release in Tamil Telugu Malayalam and as well as in Hindi movie trailer is coming soon. fans be ready to watch sunny Leone latest movie serial. Many other movies is coming in couple of years so be ready to watch sunny Leone movie.

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